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Lillian’s Story

I prided myself on having the ability to work for both Republican and Democratic administrations.  I lived my purpose and worked my passion.  However, on August 5, 2011 that would all change.  I was told by senior management that I would have to take a diminished job title, duties, and responsibilities if  I “would like to continue”.

That demotion would allow for a person with the preferred political affiliation to assume leadership and recognition of new and innovative initiatives, programs, and projects I had researched, designed, and developed;  and were adopted by the new agency head  as department priorities.

By all accounts and in their words, I was doing a “good job”, “on the right track”, and a “superstar”. However, when I refused to accept such an unwarranted, unethical, and unfair demotion so to advance a persons’ political agenda, I was immediately terminated.

Help me to stop this form of injustice from happening to anyone else in the future.

Lillian Lima – Independent
Former Director of Minority Affairs & Community Engagement
Florida Department of Children and Families

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If Racism and Sexism are illegal, then why is Politicalism legal?